Daily Stand up Meetings

Daily meetings are a critical way to set your culture, make improvements, and get a touch on your operations.  Have you been a part of a day stand up meeting?  What did you notice about your daily stand up meetings?  How are you running the meetings?  Let’s first take the…

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Lean Value vs. Lean Waste

People who practice Lean will tel you to to remove waste, make product flow, and reduce over burdening (via standardization).  These are great tenants and are the corner stone of nay Lean program.  One area that gets ignored is increasing the value.  Honestly Lean does a terrible job at focusing…

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Lean Line Design Line Requirements Part I

In previous posts on Lean Line Designs we introduced terminology  and introduced the concept of the current state map and future state map.   We are now at the point that we need to determine the line requirements.  The first step in determining a Lean Line Requirement is to determine the…

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Paternalistic Managment Is Becoming Extinct

Paternalistic management is a  type of command and control leadership style.  In this style of management all the decisions are made at the top and it’s everyone’s job to execute to those orders.  Think of it like a father child relationship.  The best places where this style works is when…

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