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Before you can change the way your people do things, change the way they think about doing them……


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Are you looking for a way to do things differently at your company? Are your looking to be a leader in your industry? Do you want grow your business but have had challenges? 70% of change efforts fail the first time.

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Lean Transformation

Your journey toward a happier, healthier organization, with reduced employee turnover and a better bottom line, starts here.

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Small Business Growth


  • Your business has high turn over
  • You feel like the staff doesn’t give it their all
  • You feel like you are in a tough situation at work
  • You feel like you’re on an endless treadmill
  • You don’t have enough time with your family
  • You want to get more from your staff and yourself
  • You want to change your situation
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Do you believe business is more than just about making a profit?
Do you want a competitive advantage that almost no one is pursuing?
If you answered yes to either one, listen to our podcast on what is flourishing.
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We inspire change from the inside out.

bileYou know you can be more productive, and you know your people are the key. You also know you can’t force them do what you want. But before you start cutting staff, consider this: A Lean Transformation led by The Lean Way Consulting Managing Partner Ankit Patel can increase your productivity by up to 33% while increasing employee morale. The premise is simple: Change the way people think and you’ll see changes in their behavior. We call this changing from the inside out, and inspiring it is what we do.
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