Gratitude and a High Performance Team

Improving and changing your organization takes work and energy.  Gratitude is a way to replenish the gas tank so you can keep improving.  Our brains are wired to minimize energy usage and have two basic systems for thinking – System 1 and System 2 (Thinking Fast and Slow).  System 1…

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Fear Setting and Goal Setting

Fear setting is a great tool to use in conjunction with goal setting.  Many people know how to goal set but fear setting is a little different.  It’s writing down your fears, creating an action plan to prevent those fears from happening,  and coming up with a plan if the…

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Alternative to Annual Performance Reviews

Annual performance reviews probably don’t help you achieve your strategy and business goals.  Most places I go it seems they are more used to justify end of year bonuses or fire low performers. Reviews should be used as a feedback mechanism for learning and improving.  The longer between reviews and…

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Delivering Feedback to Millennials (and Everyone Else)

Learning happens best when you get feedback and it’s done in a safe space.1 The advantages of being a learning organization are: Maintaining levels of innovation and remaining competitive 2 Being better placed to respond to external pressures 2 Having the knowledge to better link resources to customer needs 3 Improving quality of outputs…

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High Leverage Metrics

If you want to make the biggest impact to the business with the least amount of resources and effort.  You need to find your high leverage metrics.  These are metrics that drive your business and will give you the biggest impact to the business if you change them.  Obviously it’s…

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