Understanding your Organizational EcoSystem – 5 Systems Every Leader Needs to Know to Lead Change

Are You Aware of the 5 Systems Every Leader Needs to Know to Lead Change?

Change Fails 70% of the Time
Change efforts are only 30% successful the first time you try. Whether it’s Lean Six Sigma, a new IT system, or trying to reduce the wait time for patients in the ER change is very hard and the statistics don’t change with industry, size, or geography.
Organizations Usually Ignore 4 out of 5 Systems
When making a change we tend to focus on the what and the process of getting it done. The process is just one of the 5 systems that needs to be addressed.

Costs Outweigh the Benefits
The uncertainty and the rate of failure can cost more than the benefit of the change.
Learn the 5 systems that you need:
  • Focusing on 3 – 5 of the systems increase your odds from 30% to 60-90%
  • Read an understand a situation and avoid common pitfalls
  • How to tweak projects to account for multiple systems

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