Proof that changing from the inside out produces results.

Here is a representative sample of companies that have transformed themselves with the help of Ankit and his team:

The Cleveland Clinic


Location: Cleveland, OH

Challenge: The Cardiac/Peripheral Vascular Lab was logging too much overtime.

Outcome: We reduced staff overtime by 80%.

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The Christie Cookie Company


Location: Nashville, TN

Challenge: The company had waste in its production line that was negatively impacting productivity and profitability.

Outcome: We diagnosed an imbalance in the production line that was causing a misuse of resources, properly balanced the line and redeployed resources to other areas of the organization.

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Location: Nashville, TN

Challenge: After a very successful launch, the company needed a strategy and a plan for continued growth.

Outcome: The company was named to the 2012 Fortune 500 list and also named one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the country.

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Location: Dalton, GA

Challenge: Inconsistent communication among shifts in the plant was causing slow starts of each shift and occasionally even downtime.

Outcome: We helped shift leaders design a new communications process that eliminated both the slow shift starts and the related downtime.

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