Daily Stand up Meetings


Daily meetings are a critical way to set your culture, make improvements, and get a touch on your operations.  Have you been a part of a day stand up meeting?  What did you notice about your daily stand up meetings?  How are you running the meetings?  Let’s first take the purpose.

Purpose of a Daily Stand Up Meeting

This will have to be up to you to decide what you ultimate purpose is but here are some to consider:

  • Performance related
  • Culture change
  • Communication
  • Teaching and Training
  • All of the above

Your purpose will determine the content of the meetings and should align to the strategy of the organization.  Daily stand up meetings are used as an amplifier, they amplify what you want to get.

Structure of Daily Stand Up Meetings

You can do this many different ways, virtually, in person, whole team, partial teams, tiered meeting structure, etc.  Here are the key tenements of the structure for your daily stand up meeting:

  • Scope what you talk about and what you don’t talk about
  • Have decision makers in the meeting so you can change things quickly
  • Keep it short , less than 30 min and preferably 7  minutes
  • If you can stay standing

Once you understand your purpose and structure then you should address your norms.

Norms for Daily Stand up Meetings

The norms for your meeting will be dependent on your company but here are some suggestions:

  • Length of meeting
  • Topics in meeting
  • Dry erase board or projector for data presentation
  • No distractions
  • Keep it 70% positive 70% of the time


Now that you have a basics give it a shot and see how quickly you can achieve your business goals.

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