Factoid Friday – 3 Ways To Motivate Board Members

The Lean Way Consulting works with Non-Profits and has to work with board of directors who do not get paid. Motivating them can be challenging but here are some ways to motivate board members who work on a volunteer basis.

1)Pose provocative questions. Spend a significant part of each board meeting wrestling with critical issues and asking your board to think through the toughest challenges facing your company.
2)Share the stage. Minimize time spent listening to prepared presentations. Be sure the conversation isn’t dominated by one or two members.
3)Spend time one-on-one. Find out about members’ individual interests and how they might translate to helping your company in a unique way — for example, by coaching an executive or attending a critical in-house meeting.

source: http://web.hbr.org/email/archive/managementtip.php?date=061810

How do you motivate your people?

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