Framework for Change Management Part II

ATEEP is the framework that we use to help accelerate and make change stick.  We’ve covered alignment in Framework for Change Management Part I.  This post we’ll cover T(eam) and why it’s important to the goals you want to achieve.  Team refers to the people that you decide to put in charge to get the project done.  When you put together a team you are not only putting technical experts but it’s important to put influencers as well.  We’ve found that you need about 40-60% of the workforce involved in some way with the project to create a tipping point.  It can be as low as 20% if you have the right influencers on the team but not all teams have such strong influencers.

To find your influencers you can do network analysis or just surveys and ask one question:  “Who do you go to for help when you don’t know something?”  That one question will reveal your informal leaders in the company.  Including informal leaders will be critical to making change happen and achieving your goals.

I worked with a team who had a three shift operation and they had communication challenges between shifts.  They are a multilingual plant with at least two languages spoken at any given time.  We got team members from all three shifts and about 35% of the total workforce designing and creating new ways to communicate.  Out of a two day event the team generated and implemented several solutions that are still being used to this date (5 years later).

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