Getting All Personality Types To Mesh With Lean Part I

You might have heard lean is just as much (if not more) about cultural changes than tools. I 100% agree from everything I’ve seen but how many tools do we have to tackle cultural changes? From a tools stand point we have standard work, layered audit processes, A3s, etc. but what about using personality profiles and situational leadership to get the lean implemented?
There are lots of personality tests out there but I like the personality test from Surviving Business which has a few categories:
The INVENTOR profile: “Creating a better product” Inventors can’t resist creating. They keep creating long after they have run out of resources, money, and other people’s patience.

The HANDSHAKER profile “Creating a unique brand” The Inventors set the stage, and the Handshakers steal the show. Handshakers get their most valuable feedback in the limelight, and find their flow while on their feet.

The NAVIGATOR profile “Leading the team” While Handshakers are busy shining; Navigators are busy lighting up others. Navigators are the strongest leaders, as they can translate value into action through people.

The CONNECTOR profile “Bringing people together” Like Handshakers and Navigators, Connectors leverage by magnifying out in front. While Handshakers are high in the sky, however, Connectors have their ear to the ground.

The INVESTOR profile “Buying low, selling high” Investors are masters of timing but, unlike Connectors who make their money by bringing assets and resources together.

The COLLECTOR profile “Collecting appreciating assets” While Investors create wealth by accelerating money flow; Collectors create wealth by decelerating it. Rather than making money by buying and selling off waves, they make money by buying and holding on rising tides.

The ANALYZER profile “Controlling cash-generating assets” Analyzers love the detail, and are renowned for their thrift.

The INTEGRATOR profile “Creating a better system” If Inventors need to have their head in the clouds, and then Integrators need to have their finger in the pie. While Inventors are great at starting things, Integrators are great at finishing things. They are perfectionists, which is why they cannot resist finding ways to do things better.

Keep in mind that these are just tendencies and affinities. Most people are 1 main profile and have 1-2 secondary profile affinities. How do we use this information? The profiles all have different communication styles and different ways of looking at the world. Don’t forget you’ll find different people depending on the industry you are working.

So how do we communicate with all these different styles? Well it’s a combination of the situation and the major profile. More to come in Part II but until then what profile are you? Find your personality type at

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