Getting All Personality Types To Mesh With Lean Part II

The last post I talked about some different personality types. What does this mean to lean implementations? Well basically they all have different communication styles! The easiest person to adapt to lean will probably be your Integrator profile. They see systems and how to improve systems so they will probably be the easiest to convince.

Good news, from my experience most people in manufacturing or operations have the integrator profile set. The opportunity is that if you aren’t in manufacturing you have a myriad of personalities to deal with. The personality types listed here are particularly applicable to the senior staff of the company. Here is how to deal with the personality types:

The INVENTOR profile: Very creative profile and loves to come up with new ideas. Have them spend more time on the problem solving aspects of lean and they will be more receptive. They like change so show them the inovativeness of the lean process and it can generate company changing/area changing ideas as well.

The HANDSHAKER profile: This profile likes to deal with the people. Talk about how lean effects people and is a people oriented process. Talk people over numbers

The NAVIGATOR profile: This profile likes leading people. Talk about how lean effects people and the navigators team for the better. Talk people over numbers.

The CONNECTOR profile: These people are more interested in meeting and connecting with people instead of the details. Communicate with this profile by showing them more of the high level approach and keep them involved in multiple groups at a time.

The INVESTOR profile: These are your Wallstreet types and some executives. Show them the benefits of investing time and money now will reap rewards down the road. I know that as a lean practitioner it is not usually a good idea to lead with this element because of the implications to the implementation but keep in mind that you may need to mention it to this profile

The COLLECTOR profile: This personality type is rarely found in operations but you find that the best way to talk to the collector profile is in numbers. Show how doing the changes today will effect the company in the long run. Collectors are found in executive positions and again use the same cautions as with the investor.

The ANALYZER profile: Analyzers are more about details than the whole picture. Show them the step by step processes and the results.

The INTEGRATOR profile: Talk systems to these folks. The typical lean approach works great with the integrator profile.

These are just guidelines to communicating. How do you communicate Lean?

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