Getting All Personality Types To Mesh With Lean Part III

I want to talk about another personality profile test called the DISC test that is also helpful when influencing people during a lean transformation.

So how do we use this information?
D – Be very to the point and tell them the meat of the discussion. They will be more interested in results then method. Be careful to manage these personality types because they may be too results focused and lean is just as much about the culture as the results.
I – They are more interested in people. Immerse them in team exercises like kaizens and they are at home. These people are also key when going through a transformation. They can be great champions of lean that help to convince others.
S – These folks don’t really like change so like any change lean can be tough to get through. Keep them engaged and activated and ask them questions to get their participation.
C – Details and time line are what these folks like. Focus on the the mechanics and next steps of lean. These folks may have some trouble when it comes to the sometimes unknown aspects of lean such as outcome after events or shifts in timeline for the transformation.
This is just another way to “skin the cat.” How would you communicate with different personality types?
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