Getting All Personality Types To Mesh With Lean Part IV

The last two posts I covered a couple of different ways to deal with different personality types. But there is another factor. People act differently in different situations. The personality tests usually indicate tendencies and not skill levels. If you and a surgeon are talking about how to improve the operating room you will get a different personality then you would if you were talking to the same surgeon about improving the cockpit of a 747. Situational Leadership is just as important or more important than knowing personality tendencies.

Here is what the Center for Leadership Studies says about different situations:
You have two variables:
We have for situations that come from the 2 variables:
1) Low Competence/Ability & Low Commitment/Confidence
2) Low Competence/Ability & High Commitment/Confidence
3) High Competence/Ability & Low Commitment/Confidence
4) High Competence/Ability & High Commitment/Confidence
Based on the particular situation it can change how you react to individuals and groups. The basic premise is use use personality profiles to learn HOW to talk to people and situational leadership to learn WHAT to say. In the next blog I’ll cover how to use the situational leadership model.
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