How Can I Motivate My Employees To Motivate What I Want Them To Do?

This is the most popular request I get in some form or fashion. There is a sentiment of “I need better employees” and I always ask have you ever had the right employees? The answer is almost always “Ted and Jell are a great and if I had 100 Teds and Jills I’d be unstoppable.”

So how do you get your army of Teds and Jills? You can have the majority of your workforce be Teds and Jills and the answer is simple. If you were in their position how would you want to be treated? Would you want to be given commands or would you want someone to engage you, educate you, and ask for your opinion on a matter once you have the right experience? Employees aren’t motivated by just monetary factors and in fact in most cases it is easier to motivate employees without money. Here are some basics on where you can start:

-Train your employees on how to problem solve correctly (yes there is a right and wrong way)
-Set expectations that once trained they will be required to solve their own problems
-Give them the tools, time, and resources to fix any problems that arise
-Don’t say no to very many of their ideas at first because if you do the motivation will go away quickly
-If you do say no give explanations why.

This is a great way to give people control of their work environment. Having control over your work gives people a sense of well control that puts them at ease.

This is just one way to motivate employees without money and there are many more but I’d be interested in how you motivate your employees without money. Please post comments and thoughts in the comments section.

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