How to Triple Your Chances of Hitting Your 2017 Productivity and Quality goals


It’s now about four months into 2017 and hopefully you’ve made progress on your productivity and quality goals. If they are hard goals that don’t have easy answers you may have a harder time than you think accomplishing them. Most change efforts are only about 30% successful the first time. That means you have  a 70% chance you won’t achieve your productivity or quality goals. If your goals seem easy to achieve and you know what it takes then this article is not for you. If there are doubts or the solution is not exactly clear then the framework we’ll talk about will help you triple your chances of success.
When we talk about hard goals,BHAG (big hairy audacious goals) we are talking about goals that are not easy. We need to address both behavioral and technical challenges.  Technical meaning the “How do we calculate x” or “What is the optimal way to design something.”  Behavioral is “I don’t want my job to change” or “We’ve always done it this way.”  The framework that The Lean Way uses is ATEEP.
A -Alignment- get your team to all have the same goal and understanding of what is the target and why it’s important. If they are a part of the creation of the goal it helps with your odds of success.
T -Team- who is your team that you have in place to help drive the changes? You will want formal and informal influences on the team so you can have maximum impact with your workforce.
E -Experiment- leave room for mistakes and trying new things. Your first answer to your productivity and quality problems probably won’t be your final solution so leave time to play.
E -Execute- create an execution plan for the solutions that is doable and well resourced.
P -Permanence- create social capital to help cement the changes in place. Example of this are things like t-shirts, wall of fame, daily meetings, etc.

Do you follow a framework that addresses both the technical changes, behavioral changes, and the need to experiment?  If no your chances of success aren’t as good as if you follow the ATEEP framework.  Also keep in mind the framework is only the beginning and there are lots of nuances and details that will be important to your specific situation.  If you want to learn more about ATEEP and how to implement it to improve your chances of hitting y our 2017 productivity and quality goals apply for a discovery call now and we can do a deep dive discovery of your situation at no cost if you qualify.


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