Just Like New Year’s Resolutions Lean/Change Efforts Can Be Hard

We Are Looking For Companies That Have Had a Slow/Failed Attempt at Lean for a Study

Change efforts typically succeed 25-30% of the time the first time you try.  Here are the reasons why they fail:
  • Not Strategic
  • Attitude vs Behavior Focused
  • Agreement vs Alignment Focused
  • Procedures vs Outcomes Focused
  • The Change is Experienced as Disruption
  • Enforce Compliance Over Commitment

Typical results:

  • A Few Try to Convince Many That Change is Needed
  • Partial Responsibility/Ownership Mindset
  • Change is Perceived as a Disruption of “Real Work”
  • Pace of Change is too Slow
  • Breakdown at Implementation

What’s Missing:

  • Attention to Stability-in-Change
  • Creating Positive Emotional Attraction at the Outset Making Change internally Driven vs. Perception of Being Forced To Change
  • Finding a Compelling Positive Future Image – Fosters Internal Drive vs. Perception of Being Forced to Change
  • Emphasizing Co-learning vs. Participation for the Sake of Making People Feel They Have a Voice

If you are interested in learning more about a new program we have to facilitate everything that is missing please reply to this email or go to the Contact Page.

The services will be part of a study and the first three qualifing companies will have little  to no out of pocket expenses for services.

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