My New Year’s Resolution – “Don’t Make Any More Resolutions”

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a second. How often do we really follow up with our goals we set out for ourselves? Let alone goals we make 1x a year when we’ve had a few adult beverages?

Resolutions DO NOT equal results. So what does?

Set your goals correctly:
When you first start off set as many goals as you want but make sure you have at least 80% of your goals accomplished within the week and those goals should be easy things to do. This way you are setting a pattern for success and it reinforces good habits.

As time goes on then you can set more stretch goals depending how you are progressing.

Be consistent:
Consistency and perseverance will take you far. If you are trying goal setting for the first time be consistent and persistent with it for at least 7 months. Every week review and/or set goals. As you Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) your goals make sure you course correct as needed.

Get Help:
If you don’t know about something then ask. Ask a mentor, a professional, someone else who’s been in the situation, basically anyone who knows more about the situation than you.

Take your resolutions and put them into goals and when 2011 rolls around don’t even set resolutions. Happy New Year!

What are your goals? Did you set any resolutions?

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