My Take Tuesday – Customer Support

I recently had to call into technical support to resolve an issue. The issue is irrelevant but the experience I had with the techs was fantastic and something you don’t see from many companies.

I needed to call into customer service twice (due to my own issues not theirs) and both times I went through the same intro:

1) Domain name
2) Access code
3) Phone number in case we are disconnected

The techs seemed to be based in the US which is nice because they understand the local customers they are serving and the unique technical issues that might exist in the US and not in other locations.

I was able to describe the issue and in a matter of just minutes they diagnosed and addressed the issue without having to transfer me to a more advanced tech. They also explained to me in clear terms what the issue was and how to resolve the issue with minimal impact to my business.

When was the last time you had a great (Lean) customer service experience with tech support?
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