My Take Tuesday – Trader Joe’s Checkout

During my latest trip to one of my favorite stores Trader Joe’s I got to experience their bell system. There is only 1 or two dedicated checkout lanes and then when demand increases the bell is run 1x alerting more people to the front each time. Ring it 2x and a manager will come help you at a lane. 3x means something as well but I haven’t experienced it yet.

Talk about a Lean system! Cross trained employees adjust to changing demands and escalate right when there is a need and it’s a clear signal. All in the name of customer flow.

Why not apply this concept in your business? The way you implement it might be different but here are the principles:
1)Cross train your employees
2)Have a clear signal to help guide everyone on their assignments
3)Have standard rules for operating

How does your business adjust to changing customer demands?