Paternalistic Managment Is Becoming Extinct

shutterstock_164665187Paternalistic management is a  type of command and control leadership style.  In this style of management all the decisions are made at the top and it’s everyone’s job to execute to those orders.  Think of it like a father child relationship.  The best places where this style works is when you have an industry that doesn’t change very often or very quickly, the work required isn’t complicated and there is a clear understanding of what needs to be done, and there needs to be heavy controls on operations to make sure you are maximizing your return.  Think of an industry like the shipping container business, there hasn’t been a major change or innovation in about 50 years.

Mass Extinction

If you would have asked someone in the 1890’s what they wanted, they might have said a faster horse to get them from point A-B faster.  Henry Ford came along and invented the model T.  Changes and technology bring about change and the model T to a paternalistic management style is automation and robotics.  We’re starting to see the beginning of mass automation which will eliminate the jobs and management structures associated with more basic and straight forward tasks.  Like the ones you see in the shipping container industry or in a warehouse.  The jobs that require people will become increasingly more complex and more connected.  In that scenario paternalistic management is actually one of the worst management styles and in fact paternalistic management will be counter productive.

If you have a paternalist management style and want to change here are some helpful tips.

1) Find a mentor or coach to help you change your style

2) Find an industry that isn’t as vulnerable to automation and robotics like services vs. manufacturing

3) Old habits die hard so you’ll need some help FIND A COACH OR MENTOR!



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