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In a Lean Business System you will operate differently than a regular business system. Some of the key differences are:

-Creativity over capital
-Action over analysis (where it makes sense)
-Understand the entire system and not just the local problem

I want to share with you my story. Since starting my work as a consultant my schedule has been pretty hectic and let’s be honest I haven’t been exercising like I should. So this is what is valuable to me:

-Weight Maintenance
-Work Productivity

If I were to go to the gym to work out I would spend a great deal of time just in transit, stretching, warming-up, cooling down, and showering after. That would kill my productivity. If I work all the time then I gain weight. How would I solve the problem? In a traditional business system here is what would probably happen:

-I should buy gym equipment and keep lots of it around the house costing $$$

This way I can work out and still get some work done because now I’ve cut my travel time. I may keep my weight under control but the productivity could be better.

Here is my Lean Business System solution:

I walk on a treadmill all day while I’m on the computer. This way I get lots of exercise while I’m working. You might say it’s distracting but according to neurologist John Media in his book brain rules the brain actually performs better when it’s moving. I’m making myself smarter by walking and working at the same time.You might be thinking “but Ankit the treadmill and table together must have cost you a few hundred dollars.” The treadmill,table, WD-40, and some screws is all I needed to make the project work cost me under $79. The treadmill I got off of for $50 and the table I made myself for about $24. So yes it can be done.

I thought about the problem AND the solution creatively
I decided to just try it and from concept to implementation too me about 2 weeks. I will make changes as needed but so far so good. I’m actually writing this blog will on the treadmill.
I took a look at the entire endocrine system to see what type of exercise was most effective for fat burning; it’s walking. Walking also while working helps the brain process information better so it’s a win win.

Imagine if you had an entire workforce that was even more nibble and quick thinking. Imagine how many of today’s issues would no longer exist because your team has already taken care of it. If that sound interesting you might want to consider a Lean Business System.

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