Thinking Thursday – Are We Asking The Right Questions?

Thinking Thursday is a day to think about something besides lean, business improvement, six sigma, or the usual items discussed. Sometimes topics can relate to the business world and other times it’s just plain fun.

I love it when I see the news and they ask a question to a guest like “Do you agree healthcare reform or do you not agree with healthcare reform”. This is a logical fallacy called the false dilemma. Giving a multiple choice (usually 2 options) and choosing between the two when there are really other options. There is actually the same problem with the way we are asking questions. Let’s use 1 persons health and forget about the politics. Let’s say someone has type 2 diabetes. When you are treated we usually go to the doctor and say “doc fix me.” But are we asking the right questions? What about asking “Doc how did I get into this mess” and “Doc how can I fix this without drugs?” Sometimes we ask these questions but all the type 2 diabetics I know really don’t care about the root cause and really just want to get on with their life.

The root cause of type 2 diabetes is from too much insulin production in the body. The insulin production is caused by a large spike in carbohydrates. If your type 2 diabetes gets really bad they give you more insulin. Heres another way to put it: If your partner had a lot of perfume/cologne on and it really smelled strong but after about 10 minutes with them you couldn’t smell it anymore. If you wanted to smell it you could either put more of the perfume/cologne on or you could just get away from them for a few minutes. With the more insulin option you are just making your condition possibly worse. If you regulate your insulin by cutting out bread and get your carbohydrate sources form vegetables and fruits you can effectively do the same thing.

The point is are we asking the right questions. If we look at the root cause of the type 2 diabetes it’s a combination of diet and exercise. Ask for the root cause and fix the root cause and you resolve your issue.

How do you ask the right questions?

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