Thinking Thursday – Why Doesn’t McDonald’s Sell Hot Dogs?

Thinking Thursday is a day to think about something besides lean, business improvement, six sigma, or the usual items discussed. Sometimes topics can relate to the business world and other times it’s just plain fun.
I came across this question just surfing the internet and I thought it was something noteworthy. Why doesn’t McDonald’s sell hot dogs? Sure you could go the case study type answers like “it’s not their branding” or “the supply chain costs don’t justify the potential benefit.” I think the answer is a little deeper than that. This is just what I’ve heard but Roland had a heart attack and because he’s on medication for his hear he can’t have food with nitrates. What’s in a hot dog you ask- NITRATES!

Of course eating McDonald’s probably didn’t help in the first place but hey you got to support your own company. I can’t prove that I’m right but according to talk radio since you can’t prove I’m wrong I must be right! Other thoughts welcome.

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