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Thank you to those who responded to yesterday’s wiki. If
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Yesterday’s wiki post:

“What Industry(s) have you implemented Lean successfully”

The wiki is a divergent wiki. A convergent wiki is looking for 1 “correct” response to a question. A divergent wiki just asks give me all the answers you can think of for the question.

I’ve also launched a lean wiki site so please add articles and join in.

1)I’ve done Lean successfully at computer manufacturing plants, computer re-manufacturing plants, veterinary clinics, job shops, call centers, and a wire harness company.

2)I have personally been invloved in implementing Lean Thinking in the fiber optic manufacutring industry. This is primarily a telecommunications market but products are also used in medical applications, energy uses like sensors, slot machines, aircraft & space station, and many more.

Through AME and others I have seen it deployed in: office proudcts, metal springs, concrete parking structures, golf balls, electronics, automotive repair shop, veterans hospital, laser cutting equipment, and others.

3)Two Lean projects we have worked on are: an integrated flow-wrapping system company and a security inks for the authentication of banknotes company.

4)I have introduced lean to two Asian based international banks. The banking industry has lost touch with customer value and has never focussed on end to end processes. A lean based program has had a dramatic impact

5)In the current issue of Target, I have an article about a book manufacturer that is living lean. Last issue it was about a public utility, DTE Energy. (you can download that one from Next issue will be about a small company in Mass. that makes baseball gloves under the Nokona brand using the sewing system that originated with Toyota.

6)I was working before in a manufacturing job shop where I tested and introduced some lean concepts.

Now I’m working as an OHSA manager in a manufacturing company and implement lean thinking to improve safety of the workers

If you have any thoughts or additions please post them in the comments section.

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