Want Change? Do It Today

Weather it’s loosing weight, painting the house, or changing things in your business we all have moments of hesitation. Here are some of the common things I hear:
1) I/we don’t have the resources
2) I/we don’t have the time
3) I/we don’t have the money
4) I/we will get to it later
5) It’s too hard
6) I/we could never do that

I always tell people who want change two things:
1)Ask how you can accomplish what you want instead of saying why you cannot
2)Start something today

It is much easier to change the course of the airplane once it’s in the air then it is to get it into the air. Next time you have something that needs to be done see how you can accomplish the goal and start towards that goal with even a small step.

If you want to make your business better start with just watching what goes on in your problem areas. Just by watching you’d be surprised what you’ll see.

How do you start with change?

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