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Wiki Wednesday is where we have 1 topic and several thoughts on the topic from Lean practitioners.

“If you were doing a VSM for news reporting how many customers would you have and what would be the value that is delivered?”

Please leave your thoughts on the comments section. Here are some thoughts to get you started:

You would have a few customer bases:
1) The government interest
2) The tech interest
3) The business interest
4) The international news interest
5) The local news interest
6) Casual fan

With all of the markets the value would come from objective information from all sides of the argument, consistency in the way news is reported, and speedy delivery (news trifecta) of information. Each market may have a different other items that are valuable:

1) Government – news trifecta, government related news and happenings (tv, radio, online, phone)
2) Tech – news trifecta, tech related news and multiple access points (tv, radio, online, phone)
3) Business – news trifecta, business related news, multiple access points (tv, radio, online, phone), market watch and how the news effects the markets
4) International – news trifecta, international news, multiple access points (tv, radio, online, phone), 24/7 coverage
5) Local – news trifecta, local related news and multiple access points (tv, radio, online, phone, how the information will effect them directly in their communities and lives
6) Casual – Looks for news to reinforce his/her beliefs (aka MSNBC, Fox News, etc.), Entertainment/shock value in news (catchy headlines and commentary like “death panels” and “war monger”), higher value on quick news without having to do more research

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