Framework for Change Management Part III

ATEEP is the framework that we use to help accelerate and make change stick.  We’ve covered alignment in Framework for Change Management Part I and team in Framework for Change Management Part II.  This post we’ll cover the first E experimentation.  Before we talk about experimenting I want to first talk about the difference between learning goals and performance goals.  A performance goal is a goal that most of us are familiar with.  Something like I want to loose 10 pounds in 6 months, or we want to reduce defects by 5%.  A learning goal would be “I want to learn nutrition science and change psychology so that I can loose 10 pounds.”  Another example would be “We want to learn how to produce a better widget so that we can reduce the defects by 5%.”  Th subtle difference is that we don’t assume we know he answer with learning goals.  Experimenting is part of the learning process and you won’t always be  succeeding.  This is an important part – you will not be successful with every experiment you run.

PDCA(plan, do, check, act) or PDSA (plan, do, study, act) is a great framework for experimenting.  If you are not familiar with these you can contact us and we can go into detail on how it applies to your organization and tell you if you need someone like us to help you with the journey.


It will take about 1.5-3x longer to achieve a learning goal than a performance goal because of the learning curve.  Make sure you take that in consideration when planning your timelines.

If you want to learn more about ATEEP and how to implement it apply for a discovery call now and we can do a deep dive discovery of your situation at no cost if you qualify.

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