Framework for Change Management Part V

This the final post about a change management frame work ATEEP.  We’ve covered alignment in Framework for Change Management Part I , team in Framework for Change Management Part II,  experimenting in Framework for Change Management Part III, and execution in Framework for Change Management Part IV. The last step is the one that almost no one will pay attention to.  That is how to make the changes permanent.  Another way to say this is how do you make it a part of the fabric of the company.  The usual way to do this is to create meeting, metrics, or other management tools.  Usually this is helpful but not enough.  To create something as part of your culture you need other items like stories, artifacts, and rewards.  A story is simply what gets shared from person to person.  It’s important to highlight a story and repeat it so that everyone understand the message.  One example of a story is the story of how Google started off in a garage and grew to a giant corporation.  Or the story of how the Facebook founder came up with the idea for Facebook.   Artifacts are that are usually physical that reinforce the culture you want.  An example of this would be t-shirts talking about the non profit that the company supports or even placards that you keep next to your ID badge.  With rewards it can be both monetary and non-monetary.  Non-monetary rewards can be public praise, highlighting exceptional performance, or even a thank you for doing something related to the change you want.

Keep in mind as you implement any change it’s not going to be easy and it will take effort and time.  Any change that is hard won’t be linear and you will take steps backwards and forwards.  Keep the ATEEP framework in mind to help you through sticking points.


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