Drive – What Motivates Us

A great video on what motivates us at work. Related Blog Posts: How Quickly Should You Roll Out a Lean Transformation Why is Lean So Difficult Part I Why is Lean so Difficult Part II – Strategy Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Daily Meetings Why Lean Fails Webinar For…

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Factoid Friday – What Is A Star Performer

A 1990 study concluded that a star performer is 85% more productive than an average performer in jobs of medium complexity (sales clerks, mechanics). A star performer is 127% more productive than an average performer in the most complex jobs such as insurance sales, account managers Source:Hunter, J. E., Schmidt,…

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Factoid Friday – Culture = Profits

Source: USC Marshal Business School Culture is defined as any values, assumptions, and artifacts (symbols, stories, texts, ceremonies, rituals, etc) associated with the company. How well the company adheres to culture and how well the company culture promotes growth, improvement and a suitable work place determines cultural strength. There is…

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