Factoid Friday – Word Of Mouth Matters

Word of mouth is no longer just an intimate act: Consumers post product reviews online and disseminate opinions through social networks. McKinsey research indicates that in developed markets, word of mouth has its biggest impact when consumers decide which products to consider and when they’re actively evaluating products — at…

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Factoid Friday – What Is A Star Performer

A 1990 study concluded that a star performer is 85% more productive than an average performer in jobs of medium complexity (sales clerks, mechanics). A star performer is 127% more productive than an average performer in the most complex jobs such as insurance sales, account managers Source:Hunter, J. E., Schmidt,…

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Factoid Friday – Corporate Cost Cutting Fizzles

Only 10% of cost-reduction programs sustain their results three years on, McKinsey research finds. Sales, general, and administrative (SG&A) costs are particularly unyielding: While manufacturing efficiencies have helped S&P 500 companies reduce the median cost of goods sold (as a percentage of revenues) by about 2.7 percentage points over the…

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